What is IHCS Finance?

IHCS Finance is a specialized financial services company dedicated to providing tailored financing solutions to HVAC and plumbing contractors. We offer a range of financing options to help contractors grow their businesses and serve their clients better.

How does IHCS Finance benefit HVAC and plumbing contractors?

IHCS Finance offers flexible financing programs that allow contractors to offer financing options to their clients, enhancing sales and customer satisfaction. We also provide business funding solutions and expert guidance to support contractors’ growth ambitions.

What financing solutions does IHCS Finance offer?

IHCS Finance provides consumer financing, business capital funding, commercial financing, equipment financing, maintenance contracts, and labor warranties, among other tailored financing options for HVAC and plumbing contractors.

Can IHCS Finance help my business with funding?

Yes, IHCS Finance offers business funding solutions to help contractors access capital for equipment upgrades, expansion, marketing, and more.

How can IHCS Finance help with bad credit clients?

IHCS Finance specializes in approving clients with less-than-perfect credit, expanding your customer base and increasing business opportunities.

What industries does IHCS Finance serve besides HVAC and plumbing?

In addition to HVAC and plumbing, IHCS Finance offers financing solutions for a range of industries, including electrical services, home improvement, and more. Check our “Who We Serve” page

How quickly can I receive funding through IHCS Finance?

The funding timeline varies based on the type of financing requested. Our team will work to ensure a prompt and efficient process for your funding needs.

How do I get started with IHCS Finance’s financing programs?

Simply reach out to us through our website or contact information, and our team will guide you through the process of setting up your financing solutions with IHCS Finance.